Little Red River Trip


Little Red-9446

For those of you whom I haven’t met yet, my husband and I travel a lot… and we fish a lot.  Actually, the first 3 months of our marriage we lived out of the back of a Subaru on some no-name dirt roads in New Zealand.  All in the name of fly-fishing.

We fish every chance we get.  So when David’s birthday approached and I asked what he wanted? of course the answer was fishing.  While this trip involved driving 3 hours instead of flying 24 and we upgraded from the Subaru trunk to the “Budget Inn,” some things will NEVER change.  I still have no idea why my husband needs 3 bags for 1 night of fishing, where the leak in my waders is, and why we’re still crazy for fish after all these years?  Little Red-9449

Little Red-9477      Little Red-9494

Little Red-9488

Little Red-9566      Little Red-9553

Little Red-9597      Little Red-9598

Little Red-9610

Little Red-9500      Little Red-9520

Little Red-9536      Little Red-9529

Little Red-9603      Little Red-9591

Little Red-9535      Little Red-9514

Little Red-9620

Little Red-9457


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