Peyton & Virginia’s Engagement

wedding photographer

This couple did great during their engagement session!  Our location was the Collierville Square (where Peyton proposed <3), and they rocked it.  This pair is driven and committed, as shown by Virginia’s planning skills and Peyton’s acceptance to flight school.  I can’t wait for their June wedding and to see what else this couple does!

From the Bride:

We met sophomore year of high school (at Briarcrest) in chemistry class. I wouldn’t have passed it without his help! We remained friends throughout high school, even though I ended up switching schools. Peyton went off to the Naval Academy, and I still have the letter he wrote me during his plebe summer. He invited me to a ball in April of our sophomore year of college, and obviously I accepted! The weekend was perfect- when I returned I told everyone that we were getting married. Well, 2 years later, it turns out I was right!

I’ll be graduating from Ole Miss in May with degrees in International Studies, French, and Intelligence and Security Studies. Peyton is graduating from the Naval Academy in May with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. After we get married, we will be moving to Pensacola so Peyton can go through flight school to become a Navy Pilot.







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