Alfred & Sarah Katherine

An awesome April day with clear skies and champagne flowing!

Church: St. Louis          Officiant: Monseigneur McArthur          Reception: Hunt Phelan          Videographer: Lynn Productions          Invitations: Happi Store          Florist: Lynn Doyle          Wedding Dress: Barefoot Bride          Rings: James Gattas          Hair: Marcie Seccombe (Salon 387)          Makeup: Ashley Parsons          Suits: Men’s Warehouse          Bridesmaids Dresses: Azazie          Caterer: Gus’ Fried Chicken          Bakery: Miss Muff’n          Band: Funk de Ville          Bus Rental: Memphis Best Tours

Cowles Wedding-0253

Cowles Wedding-0264

Cowles Wedding-0269

Cowles Wedding-0283

Cowles Wedding-0288

Cowles Wedding-0297

Cowles Wedding-0312

Cowles Wedding-0313

Cowles Wedding-0319

Cowles Wedding-0336

Cowles Wedding-0342

Cowles Wedding-0351

Cowles Wedding-0360

Cowles Wedding-0386

Cowles Wedding-3039

Cowles Wedding-3022

Cowles Wedding-3043

Cowles Wedding-3034

Cowles Wedding-0430

Cowles Wedding-3048

Cowles Wedding-0532

Cowles Wedding-3055

Cowles Wedding-0451

Cowles Wedding-3079

Cowles Wedding-0520

Cowles Wedding-0396

Cowles Wedding-0465

Cowles Wedding-0492

Cowles Wedding-3145

Cowles Wedding-3172

Cowles Wedding-0817

Cowles Wedding-3177

Cowles Wedding-0869

Cowles Wedding-0851

Cowles Wedding-0906

Cowles Wedding-0916

Cowles Wedding-0910

Cowles Wedding-0913

Cowles Wedding-3093

Cowles Wedding-0567

Cowles Wedding-0577

Cowles Wedding-0587

Cowles Wedding-0598

Cowles Wedding-0606

Cowles Wedding-3108

Cowles Wedding-3126

Cowles Wedding-0813

Cowles Wedding-3141

Cowles Wedding-0807

Cowles Wedding-0710

Cowles Wedding-0758

Cowles Wedding-0777

Cowles Wedding-3271

Cowles Wedding-0933

Cowles Wedding-0944

Cowles Wedding-0969

Cowles Wedding-3278

Cowles Wedding-0972

Cowles Wedding-0984

Cowles Wedding-1002

Cowles Wedding-1055

Cowles Wedding-1049

Cowles Wedding-1064

Cowles Wedding-3296

Cowles Wedding-1142

Cowles Wedding-1143

Cowles Wedding-3543

Cowles Wedding-1261

Cowles Wedding-3423

Cowles Wedding-3440

Cowles Wedding-3441

Cowles Wedding-3466

Cowles Wedding-3473

Cowles Wedding-3484

Cowles Wedding-3495

Cowles Wedding-3500

Cowles Wedding-3573

Cowles Wedding-3577

Cowles Wedding-3587


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